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About the Canadian Society for Long Term Care Medicine

Formed in 2003 as the Long Term Care Medical Directors Association of Canada, to represent and advocate for the professional and workplace interests of Medical Directors advancing the quality of patient care.

It has widened its vision and membership to include all healthcare professionals with an interest in a better system of Continuing Care in Canada.


For many years we hosted an annual scientific meeting (initially in Calgary and latter years in Toronto with OLTCP) to meet the needs of geographically diverse medical directors. Under the Canada Health Act,  long term care is an uninsured medical benefit that has resulted in varied eligibilities and services across the provinces and territories.  


Our organization recognizes this reality but also the very similar unmet medical needs of the frail nursing home resident unable to return home.  We have connected a wide and vocal group of providers and leaders in lively LTC discourse.


Looking forward, it is our desire to be a part of the process of LTC reform whatever form that will take after this pandemic.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of dedicated volunteers.

Dr. Paddy Quail
Dr. Andrea Moser
kate headshot.jpg
Dr. Kate McCarroll
Dr+Mrs_Jones_Photos_Quotes_2014[1] (1).j
Dr. Ralph Jones
Dr. Fred Mather
Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 10.41.34 AM.png
Dr. Claire Nowlan
Dr. Serge Gingras
Sylvia 1.jpg
Sylvia Vespa
Program Administrator
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